7--->svetlana & kunitz


Name: Svetlana Nedeljkov

Home Country: Serbia

Current Country: Canada

Occupation: PhD Candidate

What does poetry mean to you?


Favorite Poet/Poem

Ezra Pound is certainly a writer whose work I enjoy on a daily basis (my dissertation is on Pound), but how could I leave out poets such as H.D. , Sylvia Plath, Denise Levertov, or Susan Howe? I recently re-read Stanley Kunitz’s The Wild Braid and found it even more enjoyable than I had the first time I read it. Kunitz is another one of my favourites.

Why do you like this poet/poem? 

I find the visual imagery of Kunitz’s poetry fascinating. His world comes alive with each poem, transforms into a tangible and brightly coloured haven, and then disappears again with the turn of the page.