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Name: Kristina Robinson
Hometown: New Orleans
Current City: New Orleans
Occupation: artist/occasional teacher
Age: 31

What does poetry mean to you? 

Sound and freedom from linearity. The kind of writing that makes me feel the least limited by English. Being an Afroindigenous Black-American from Louisiana, English is both my second and only language. I find the language least frustrating when writing poetry, mostly because I can break free from the penitentiary of grammar. It also accommodates intermediary, non-binary thoughts, ideas, moods and non-conclusions whereas prose in English always feels like it has the weight of a gavel behind it. I like to write it too, but poetry is where I feel most like myself.

Favorite Poet/Poem

I really love “Guilt, Desire, and Love” by James Baldwin

Why do you like this poet/poem?

I like this poem because it’s a direct look at love and why it eludes many/most people.