27---> carole & apollinaire


Name: Carole Stromboni

Hometown: Paris

Current City: Paris/Pantin

Occupation: Innovation Manager and Writer

Age: 39


What does poetry mean to you?

To me, poetry is beauty in words. It’s our imagination talking through (and from) nature, feelings, and childhood, everything that we are taught to control and not be controlled by.  Poetry is everything and nothing at the same time.


Favorite Poem:  I have many favorite poems, but today I am touched by “La Chanson du mal-aimé” by Guillaume Apollinaire. It’s the longest poem I know, used to know it by heart when I was younger. Now, only small pieces return to me: 


" Mon beau navire ô ma mémoire
Avons-nous assez navigué
Dans une onde mauvaise à boire
Avons-nous assez divagué
De la belle aube au triste soir"


" Amour nos baisers florentins
Avaient une saveur amère
Qui a rebuté nos destins"

And above all these lines:

"Et nos baisers mordus sanglants
Faisaient pleurer nos fées marraines"


Why do you like this poem?

“La Chanson du mal-aimé” talks with such tenderness about lost love, mad love, loss in general, death and passion. Plus, it is a poem with little punctuation allowing it to cruise, sound with a freedom despite the subject matter.