in april, the united states celebrates national poetry month, a time to consider and celebrate the unique, personal and social expression that is poetry. verse of april was born in 2015 and is a project designed to feature profiles and drawings from people around the world who enjoy poetry. the posts will occur in april each year and aim, by virtue of collection, to illustrate the diverse beauty of the art. 

the 2015 voices of april were samantha barendson, nancy betetaphyllis cohen, will cox, le comptoir général, erin gendron, perry guevarakelly jones, emily ruck keenej.p. martinez, svetlana nedeljkovmaël primet, cailey rizzokristina robinson, joe rosslily smith, maría d. valderrama, erik wennermark, and chelsie yount-andré

verse of april invites contributions year-round but will publish uniquely each spring. please send all inquiries, requests, proposals, and entries to  if you would like to be included in the 2017 collection, please send your submission before April 15th. we ask that if you wish to send in a profile that you follow the model of the ones posted in aprils past. mixed media pieces, comics, videos, and sound are welcome and encouraged. 



logo design by triski nurani. follow her on instagram @black_eyeliner.