in april, the united states celebrates national poetry month, a time to consider and celebrate the unique, personal and social expression that is poetry. verse of april was born in 2015 and is a project designed to feature profiles and drawings from people around the world who enjoy poetry. the posts will occur in april each year and aim, by virtue of collection, to illustrate the diverse beauty of the art. 


  • 2019 voices of april: matthew w. baker, gabrielle bates, marie borel, tina mozelle braziel, matt broaddus, jennifer k. dick, nik de dominic, maia elgin, claire finch, fanny garin, maël guesdon, sam herschel & chen chen, karima el kharraze, gabrielle lawrence, jessica morey-collins, yelena moskovich, emily orfinades, marie de quatrebarbes, jessica lee richardson, nathalie rozanes, jason stoneking, and patrick williamson.

  • 2018 voices of april: nordette n. adams, élodie béra, laura citino, marissa davis, todd dillard, jochen gerner, nicole goodwin, jeremy allan hawkins, christine herzer, william horberg, jennifer huang, ashley m. jones, kathryn julian, alison grace koehler, dorothy lehane, rachel mindell, bailey morrison, stephanie papa, lisa pasold, m.e. riley, anna serra, olesya shchukina, bruce edward sherfield, bianca stone, kelly grace thomas, and nina zivancevic.


  • 2017 voices of april: jamika ajalon, thomas baas, jennifer jackson berry, fork burke, lauren capone, leela chantrelle, guy choate, malik ameer crumpler, lala drona, godefroy dronsart, kyle field, jonathan finlayson, mohammad shafiqul islam, yara lapidus, j.s. makkos, robin mcdowell, kali mcnutt, ross peter nelson, andrea panzeca, jody pou, kristin sanders, katie thompson, lindsay turner, and laurie a. williams.


  • 2016 voices of april: déborah aboab, victor brangoleau, danny caporaletti, aran donovan, roy g. guzmán, jennifer fields, jennifer (wren) hanks, melanie janisse, kelly jones, daniel morales, kelly morton, thi minh trang nguyen, sara paul, cristina isabel bardales postigo, miguel vallinas prieto, melissa remark, maurice carlos ruffin, jean-philippe sarcos, carole stromboni, debora van der vliet, anna williams, and che yeun.


  • 2015 voices of april: samantha barendson, nancy beteta, phyllis cohen, will cox, le comptoir général, erin gendron, perry guevara, kelly jones, emily ruck keene, j.p. martinez, svetlana nedeljkov, maël primet, cailey rizzo, kristina robinson, joe ross, lily smith, maría d. valderrama, erik wennermark, and chelsie yount-andré.


verse of april invites contributions year-round but will publish uniquely each spring. please send all inquiries, requests, proposals, and entries to  if you would like to be included in the 2020 collection, please send your submission before April 1st. we ask that if you wish to send in a profile that you follow the model of the ones posted in aprils past. mixed media pieces, comics, videos, and sound are welcome and encouraged and are understood to follow their own requirements.  



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